Service Agreement and Privacy Policy

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Please read carefully and understand the terms of the relevant agreements and service rules of "Sanshangyun Product Service and User Privacy Policy" (the "Privacy Policy") , especially the corresponding terms of limitation or exemption from liability. By using our software and services, you indicate that that you agree to be bound by all the terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please refrain from using our products and services.

(1) Definition 1. Sanshangyun Technology Co., Ltd. (also referred to as "Sanshangyun" , "our" or "we"). 
2. "Sanshangyun Product Service and User Privacy Agreement" refers to the agreement and stipulations on the products and services provided by Sanshangyun. (also referred to as "Agreement")
3."Sanshangyun official website" (website: is the official website of Sanshangyun (also referred to as "website"). 
4. "SanPDF" is a reading tool developed by Sanshangyun to support multiple document formats (also referred to as "software"). 
5. "Sanshangyun Online Conversion Service" refers to providing online conversion services for users (such as: the conversion of PDF and Office documents and other functions and services) (also referred to as "service").

(2) Acceptance of the Agreement 1. You must agree to and accept all the terms of this Agreement before you use any of our products and services. Once published, the above shall be an integral part of this Agreement and you shall agree to and abide by the relevant terms.and conditions. Once you have used our products or services, you shall be deemed to have accepted this Agreement.
2. Even if you do not click to accept this Agreement, the following acts will automatically be deemed to be fully aware and accept all the terms of this Agreement:
2.1 Downloading, installing or using the Software shall be deemed to be your full consent and acceptance of this Agreement;
2.2 The use of the Service shall be deemed to be your full consent and acceptance of this Agreement;
2.3 the use of any function of registration or login or online conversion of this website shall be deemed to be your full consent and acceptance of this Agreement;
3. Your agreement and acceptance of this Agreement shall be deemed to be your knowledge and agreement to the all terms of this Agreement and that you undertake to comply fully with this Agreement.

(3) Terms of Service 1. This service is provided by way of charge. The specific tariff policy is subject to the content posted on the website: Sanshangyun reserves the right to modify the tariff policy (including but not limited to the price of the service) or the method of purchase at any time and publish it on you do not agree with the tariff policy or purchase method developed (modified) and published by Sanshangyun, you will not be able to use any part or all of the service. If you have purchased this service, you should cancel and terminate the service on your own initiative, but Sanshangyun reserves the right not to refund any service fees you have paid. 
2. In accordance with the tariff policy formulated (modified) and published by Sanshangyun, the fee payable for this service is limited to the fees necessary to use this service policy provided by Sanshangyun, and does not include any third-party services or hardware you purchase.
3. This service tariff mechanism, in order to provide users with better service, we may adjust the service price according to the actual situation, so as to solve our server, manpower and other costs, thank you for your understanding. Sometimes there may be inconsistencies in the use of the service or related program functions,indicating that we are adjusting the service or related programs. We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. 
4. If you purchase the service according to the tariff policy(monthly or annual) published(revised) by Sanshangyun within 7 days and not satisfied with the service, you can contact our customer service staff for a refund request.However, we have the right not to refund any service charges you have paid after more than 7 days of purchasing the service. Thank you for your understanding. 
5. This service can perform high-quality conversion on most documents, but not all documents can be converted due to differences in format sources of the documents. The quality of some document conversion will also be different,which is normal, please understand. We will continue to improve the quality of the conversion. 
6. Purchase invoice: We do not provide any purchase invoice or receipt. You can view your purchase history by logging into your personal account on this website.

(4) Changes to the Agreement or the Service 1. Sanshangyun has the right to make changes to the relevant contents of the Agreement and the Service in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. If the content changes, Sanshangyun will publish the changes to the users in accordance with the terms agreed in this Agreement. 
2. You should pay close attention to the changes in this Agreement and the contents of this Service to know any changes in real time . If you do not agree with the content of Sanshangyun changes, you should cancel the service immediately. If you do not voluntarily cancel this service within 7 days after the announcement of the changes, you shall be deemed to have agreed to and accepted this agreement or changes to this service. If you continue to use the Service after posting the changes, you will also agree to and accept the changes to the Agreement or the Service. If you have any objection to the change, you should immediately stop using the entire contents of the service, and contact us for account cancellation, and you have no right to ask Sanshangyun to refund any service fees you have paid. 
3. Sanshangyun may further expand the terms and conditions of the Agreement or the Service in order to provide better quality services to our customers. New functions or extended terms shall be included in this service and apply to this Agreement as well. The details can be viewed in the new or expanded section. If you disagree or disapprove of these new features or terms, please do not use them. If you use these new features, you will automatically be deemed to have agreed to and accepted these new or extended features and terms.

(5) Termination or suspension of the Service 1. For the normal operation of the service, Sanshangyun has the right to maintain and upgrade the service operating environment at any time. Therefore, please understand the normal service interruption caused by the situation. Sanshangyun will try its best to avoid or solve the interruption service in the shortest time, but Sanshangyun will not bear any responsibility for the inconvenience and loss caused to you. 
2. Sanshangyun shall not be liable for any inconvenience or damage caused by the right to terminate or suspend the provision of services under this Agreement to you at any time in any of the following circumstances:
2.1 Regular inspection or construction, update of hardware and software, etc., Sanshangyun has the right to suspend service. 
2.2 The server has been damaged and cannot operate normally. Sanshangyun has the right to suspend the service. 
2.3 Unexpected events, such as: communication line failure, network provider line failure, etc., Sanshangyun has the right to suspend service. 
2.4 In order to maintain national security or other third-party personal safety in an emergency, Sanshangyun has the right to suspend the service. 
2.5 Irrespective factors or other third-party reasons, Sanshangyun has the right to suspend the service. 
2.6 Sanshangyun suspects that you have violated the law or harmed the legal rights of third parties. Sanshangyun has the right to suspend the service. 
2.7 If your actions may lead to Sanshangyun being held accountable, Sanshangyun has the right to terminate the service.
3. This service is for your personal use only, and you are not entitled to transfer the Service in any way at any time and sublicense anyone except you. Otherwise Sanshangyun has the right to terminate the service you have purchased and even cancel your registered personal account in serious cases.

(6) Privacy Policy First of all, Sanshangyun will take all necessary measures to ensure that any information you provide to us is safe.If you have any requests or questions about your personal information and how we handle it, please contact us via the website of 
1. Sanshangyun collects the following personal information through this website or the software.
1.1 If you use our services, we will collect among other things, your IP address. We will not access your files,copy or backup them, and they will be automatically deleted from our servers after 24 hours. 
1.2 By visiting any domain or subdomain of, or when using the Software, your IP address and other usage metrics will be recorded along with the date of access or use. 
1.3 If you register a Pro account through our official website, we may collect personal data such as your name,email address and so on. It is important to note that third party payment platforms may collect your credit card information and please read their privacy policy carefully before providing personal information to third party payment platforms. We do not collect or access such information. 
1.4 If you register for a personal account with the service, we may collect personal data such as your email address. 
2. Sanshangyun will make every effort to ensure that your personal information is safe and provide you with the safest service environment as possible. 
3. Sanshangyun uses your personal information only to provide you with better service. Therefore, your privacy is our priority. We would not use your personal data for illegal purposes, nor will we sell your personal data. 
4. We may provide your personal information to government and law enforcement agencies if:
4.1 The need to comply with laws and regulations.
4.2 In good faith, the act is reasonable for compliance with legal procedures.
4.3 In response to the need for legal claims or actions.
4.4 To protect the rights of Sanshangyun or its users and the public.
5. If you would like to access, modify, or delete your personal data, please contact us on the website. Please note that the files you upload and process will never be stored on our server for more than 24 hours, after which they will be automatically permanently deleted. During this time, your files will not be accessed, copied or analyzed unless you provide us with the explicit written permission. Please do not contact us to delete files because they are always automatically deleted 24 hours after you upload them on
6. During that time, we will not back up, analyze and view all uploaded or processed files. The only reason we keep files is to give you enough time to download them.
7. When you use the service, Sanshangyun may send a "COOKIE" data to your terminal device. This "COOKIE" data is intended to provide you with the use of this service or this website. And we will make efforts to protect it. If you refuse to accept "COOKIE", the service or some functions of this site may not work properly. Third party advertising and services that we use may also use "COOKIE" and please read their privacy policy carefully. If you do not like these "COOKIE" technologies, you can restrict them in your browser settings. However please note that the service may not work properly. Therefore, Sanshangyun does not take any responsibility for the inconvenience or damage caused.
8. Sanshangyun may cooperate with third parties to provide you with the service if they provide the same levels of security for your personal information as Sanshangyun, we has the right to provide your personal information to third parties.
9. If you share personal information, documents, content with others in the process of using this service or this website, Sanshangyun will not bear any responsibility.
10. Sanshangyun reserves the right to display advertisements when providing you with this service or website or software as necessary without special notice. If you have any questions about our advertisement, please contact us through our website.

(7) The Website and the Software 1. When using the conversion function of our website or software, please read this agreement carefully.
2. The conversion service between PDF files and Office files of our website and software is processed by uploading the files to our server. If you use the service, You are deemed to be aware of how we work, and you have agreed to and accepted our processing method.
3. We guarantee that we will not back up and view them when you use the files uploaded by this website. In order to ensure their security, our server will automatically delete them permanently after 24 hours.

(8) Principles to be observed by users 1. You are not allowed to upload any documents that violate laws and regulations, with viruses, dangerous or harmful.Otherwise, all the consequences will be borne by you, and Sanshangyun will not bear any risks caused by you.
2. If you are involved in infringing upon the rights and interests of others or your malicious acts resulting in loss or injury to others or Sanshangyun, you shall be liable and compensate for all financial losses incurred.

(9) Special Declaration 1. Sanshangyun promises to do its best to provide you with quality services, but there is no guarantee that the products or services will fully meet your needs. The accuracy, legality and integrity of the converted document information are not guaranteed.
2. The products and services provided by Sanshangyun rely on the services and resources of third parties. Therefore,you can only retrospectively liable or compensate the third party for the loss of services and resources provided by them except Sanshangyun. We will assist you as much as possible, but not bear any responsibility for it.
3. The ownership, copyright and interpretation of this website, service and all contents of this software belong to Sanshangyun. No individual or group shall tamper with, disseminate, reverse, crack or engage in any illegal business activities without authorization. Otherwise, Sanshangyun will pursue its legal responsibility.

(10) Legal Jurisdiction 1. Sanshangyun is a company headquartered in China. Therefore, the laws governing and applying to the website, software and service are the laws of the People's Republic of China.
2. In the event of any dispute between the parties regarding the content of this Agreement or its implementation,the parties shall settle the dispute through friendly negotiation. If negotiation fails, you and Sanshangyun agree to submit the dispute to the jurisdiction of the court at the location of Sanshangyun Technology Co., Ltd.

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